Long Handled Copper Flambe Pot

Long Handled Copper Flambe Pot
Long Handled Copper Flambe Pot
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The culinary art of presentation is made even more spectacular with this hand crafted 1.5mm copper flambe pot with poring beak. It is tin lined and has a long handle to protect the cook from the flames. This versatile copper work of art can also be used for poring everything from hollandaise sauce to gravy or even soup. This item is light weight, and ergonomically designed for poring without making a mess! As with all our artisan handmade products, it is stamped with the signature of the artist for authenticity.

"Special Orders" For hotels, resorts or for those who have family crests. This item can also be hand stamped with a crest or logo on a brass circular plate and bonded to the side opposite the beak or handle which gives elegance new meaning. This makes a marvelous gift or for a private collection for hotel chains.


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