Cooking with copper is an absolute treat. Below are some of our favorite tips and/or recipes. Cheers!

TIP: The most important thing to remember when cooking with 2.5mm copper is not to use too much heat! Only use at 10 (maximum temperature) to heat up the pans. At 10 the pans will heat up extremely quickly, however, we recommend that to heat copper pans you use about 7-8 at the most. In all other instances using anything over medium heat will cook your food too fast, your pans will smoke, your food will burn and you'll spend a lot of time getting them clean again, not to mention wasing perfectly good food. Remember, turn the heat down immediately after you've got the pan to the desired cooking temperature and your family will be much happier eating in a smoke free kitchen that smells great with properly cooked food!

Garlic and Lemon Pepper Saute'd Breaded Fish :
Prepare the fish and breading before you start pre-heating the pan.
Breading: Use rice bread crumbs (NOT standard bread crumbs otherwise they will soak up the needed oil and butter). Spice the rice bread crumbs with your favorite garlic, lemon pepper on an open plate. Then, whip one or two eggs on a plate depending how many pieces of fish you are cooking. Spice the whipped egg with the same spices as the rice bread crumbs. Put the bread crumb plate next to the stove and the whipped egg to the left of that. Fish: Wash and dry your 3 fish fillets with a paper towel so that the fish will pick up as much of the whipped egg as possible. Preheat the 2.5mm copper pan with your favorite oil until the oil just starts to visably heat.
Directions Have the butter dish near the stove and a spoon ready to put some butter in the pre-heated pan. Turn the fire down slightly and drop the butter on the right side of the pan - put in the first piece of fish right away over the top of butter you just placed, and do the same for all three pieces adding butter for each one just before each piece is put in the pan. NOTE: If the butter is put in too soon it will burn in the hot pan. Lift the pan and give the pan a shake after each piece is put in to seal the natural juices into the fish - let cook and peek often with your flipper, they should be turned when the breading is perfectly light brown. Just before you turn the fish put another small amount of butter in the pan and turn over and give the pan a shake to seal the fish again. Tip - the softer the fish is the less done and the harder the fish gets the more well done it is. This recipe is beautifully accompanied by a nice light, white wine, mandarine orange butter lettuce salad, wild rice and Asparagus.

Whipping Cream - 1) Put the copper bowl in the freezer for a few moments. 2) At what ever time you normally stop beating your whipped cream, keep whipping about 30 seconds longer and it will be even thicker and creamier. Do not abuse this suggestion, but when whipping cream in our unique FCS Copper Bowls it is almost impossible to ruin the whipped cream! Try adding a few different liquors to give different whipped flavors for special deserts or even to dunk fresh fruit in!

Put your KitchenAid mixer on 4 - then 3 drops of pure vanilla and let the mixer slowly fold the whipped cream until it is very fluffy and firm! While this is going on take 2 ice cubes and run them over the bottom of the copper bowl while it is creating this taste sensation. Serve your guests, then put the rest into a sealed container and put into the fridge. You will notice that even in two days there will be ZERO condensation / water and deterioriation of the perfectly whipped cream. The other great aspect of this is that the whipped cream is as creamy and fresh tasting as the first day even though it may be the 2nd or 3rd day.

Egg Whites : - It is again "almost imposssible" to ruin egg whites when whipping them in our copper bowl! Again you can whip them 30 seconds longer as the fluffy egg whites will NOT fall once in the oven! When whipped a little longer you can make a very high topping an your lemon pie! Everyone will want to know how you did it! So make sure you tell them it was in your new copper bowl that fits your KitchenAid mixer. I hope to add a scientific article on this web page to explain better than I can what really happens to make it so! Email us and I will attach it to the return email. I found it very informative as I am sure you will.

**TESTIMONIAL** "I bought your bowl to whip egg whites for the Italian Meringue specifically. The copper stabilizes the whites without using cream of tartar!", from Neil

Chocolate Mousse Do not be afraid to make chocolate moose in our fantastic FCS Copper Bowls that fit 3 models of KitchenAid Mixers. Make the whipped cream and the chocolate separate and then put the KitchenAid mixer on slow (setting 3 or 4)to fold in your whipped cream. It's as good as it gets and you will definately taste the sweet difference the copper bowl makes. This is a professional chef's secret all over the world! NOW YOU CAN DARE TO BE AS GREAT!