SALE Pierre Vergnes Copper Frying Pans

ON SALE Smooth and Hammered Finish! Frying pans made to be the ultimate cooking thickness including tin lining of 2.5mm of copper . These were traditionally only made for professional chefs, but now can be used by everyone who loves to cook. The frying pan series can be used for searing meats, fish and fowl. Deglaze with your favorite liquid and BAM a magnificent addition to the meal! The handles are enhanced with 3mm copper rivets which will slow the heat transfer from the pot to the handle. Remember, other than searing, a lower heat is only needed because our high quality copper eliminates hot spots. Paella Pans and Frying Pans are exactly the same size and shape, Paella Pans simply have smaller handles so it can be placed in the oven. !