Cooking With Copper Articles

Cleaning and Care Tips for Copper Cookware

Removing Protective Coating From Your New Copper Cookware:

1. Purchase a pint of Acetone at any hardware store. 2. A ventilated room or garage should be used away from any surface that can be damaged by Acetone. 3. We recommend using rubber gloves.¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬

Cleaning Instructions:

• Fold up a paper towel into 4 equal parts and turn pan upside down • Place paper towel on top of pan and pour Acetone onto paper towel (PT) until very wet. • Rub PT while rotating in circle in the “one/same” spot until you feel the PT sliding like on glue. • Turn PT over and do the same spot over again until the PT feels squeaky (then you know that you have taken off all the lacquer in that spot). • Then move to the next area the same size and again turn to a clean part of the wet PT and do the next spot the same way until the entire bottom surface is completely cleaned. Then do the height of the pan in the same manner as the bottom always remembering to do only the 4 inches or so which is the size of the folded Paper towel. a. NOTE: The inside never has to be cleaned unless it is an unlined copper bowl! Then and only then does the surface need to be cleaned on the inside as well. After all necessary surfaces are complete wash the pans in very soapy hot water and dry. b. NOTE: The inside of each pan will oxidize and darken 4 to 5 shades darker. This does not mean the inside of the pan is dirty; it will not interfere with cooking in any way.

Care Tips for Copper Cookware

• The pans do not need to be primed in any way other than using the desired amount of oil or liquid to start cooking. • Make sure to use wooden or plastic utensils only in the pans and never use a knife to cut anything while it is in the cookware. • To clean the inside of the pans after cooking –simply place into sink and soak in soapy water while enjoying your meal. • Do not use scrub brushes with highly abrasive surfaces, as it will deteriorate the lining of your pans. • Priming Your Copper Pan: Depending on the size of your pan, it takes 1.5 to 3.5 minutes to have the entire pan surface at the same temperature. a. Once the desired temperature is achieved, you will need to turn the burner down by at least 40%. b. Copper maintains heat extremely well, so to keep the copper pan from smoking or burning your food you should always turn the burner down. c. An added benefit of turning down your burner is that copper cookware will also save you money on your electric/gas bill.